Crypto Faucets List

Start earning from cryptocurrencies without investing your own money

[UPDATED – 4 MAY, 2019]

What is a crypto faucet?

A crypto faucet is a website that pay out you a small amount of crypto (e.g. Bitcoin satoshis) when you claim from the faucet, or play a roll-a-random-number game, or play other games, or complete surveys. Crypto Faucets is the easiest way to earn FREE CRYPTO and to enter the cryptocurrency world, without investing and risking your own money. Below you will find lists of Crypto Faucets that are tested and actually pay. The faucets are divided according to the payout way Рsome of the faucets payout to specific cryptocurrency wallets (e.g. CoinPot, Xapo, FaucetHub, etc.), others payout directly to your wallet. We constantly update the lists and add new faucets.

CoinPot Faucets List

CoinPot is a cryptocurrency microwallet. All the faucets listed in below payout directly to your CoinPot wallet. Sign up at CoinPot before using these faucets. In your CoinPot wallet you can easily convert one cryptocurrency to another WITHOUT FURTHER FEES. You can also withdraw your funds from CoinPot to your personal wallet or to other online wallets like Xapo, Faucet Hub and others.
Bonus Bitcoin Bitcoin GO TO FAUCET
Bit Fun Bitcoin GO TO FAUCET
Moon Bitcoin Bitcoin GO TO FAUCET
Moon Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash GO TO FAUCET
Moon Litecoin Litecoin GO TO FAUCET
Moon Dogecoin Dogecoin GO TO FAUCET
Moon Dash Dash GO TO FAUCET

FaucetHub Faucets List

Cointiply Bitcoin GO TO FAUCET
Daily Free BTC Bitcoin GO TO FAUCET
Get Your Bitcoin Bitcoin GO TO FAUCET
Big BTC Win Bitcoin GO TO FAUCET
Ref Hunters Bitcoin GO TO FAUCET
World Of Bitcoin Bitcoin GO TO FAUCET

Direct Faucets List

Sign up in these bitcoins faucets and get paid directly in your wallet.
Free CardanoNEW Cardano GO TO FAUCET
Free Bitcoin Bitcoin GO TO FAUCET
Free Dogecoin Dogecoin GO TO FAUCET
Wild Bitcoin Bitcoin GO TO FAUCET
Bitcoinker Bitcoin GO TO FAUCET